Natu Foundation

Philosophy, Objective & Vision

Natu family has been associated with the field of architecture, fine arts and other visual arts for last almost 50 years. The association so far has either been professional or personal. Architecture has been bounteous to the family and the family now within its own capacity, feels obliged to pledge itself to return to the profession and society in general. Natu Foundation is an endeavor to facilitate architectural exposure to the students of architecture and a patronage to aspiring and deprived artists. With this philosophy NF (Natu Foundation) has set up an art gallery and studio at Mandu, the architectural pilgrimage of India.


NF intends to work extensively to create awareness about the architectural value of main stream as well as till now obscure monuments.

An endeavor to facilitate architectural exposure to students and patronage to aspiring artists.

Recent News & Updates

All that’s latest & Newsworthy !

  • You Must Not Miss the World Sufi Spirit Festival 2016

  • Heritage Walk in Mandu with Renowned Architects of India


  • Expedition of Sculpture found near Royal Complex, Mandu

  • Celebration of Womenhood

  • Happy World Heritage Day to All !!!

  • Happy Mahavir Jayanti to All !!!

  • Seminar on “Mandu – Its Architecture & Conservation”

  • “Crossing View Points” – Photography Workshop

  • An initiative towards conserving heritage

  • CROSSING VIEW POINTS – Mandu Tour and Photography Workshop

  • Trekking to obscure site in Mandu

  • Symbolism Contest Announcement

  • Architectural study and heritage walk with SMAID college, Gujarat

  • Measure drawing at lal bungalow with SDPS students

  • ‘Symbolism’ Uniform Design competition for new outlet of Agrawal Stores, A-3

  • Mudra Takshshila college of architecture and design, vadodra

  • Halma 2017, Jhabua

  • As a face of Mandu with SAARC Delegates, at Mandu

  • Trekking at Budi Mandu

  • Mandu Visit of Living Legend Ar. Peter Rich Sir from South Africa.

  • Bird Watching at Sirpur Lake with The Nature Volunteers, Indore

  • Heritage walk with German Snooker Players

  • HERITAGE-WALK-AND-SKETCHING-WORKSHOP-OF-Bapurao-Deshmukh-College-of-Engineering-WARDHA

  • IES-college-mumbai-heritage-walk-at-mandu


  • Smt. K L tiwari college of architecture mumbai nalasupara

Featured Artists

Recent Artists & Their Featured Artworks

An initiative to facilitate various Artists from around the country
to showcase their Arts & Talent.

Art Gallery at Mandu

The Architectural pilgrimage of India.

Mandu is a city of monuments. Monuments which, are evidences of architecture of par excellence. The moment you enter the city you feel you have gone few centuries back. Of course there are the majestic monuments of main land Mandu there are numerous more sprinkled around the town with equal archeological and aesthetical significance. It is because of the exquisite mélange of history, archeological significance, architectural magnificence and breathtaking natural beauty that NF chose Mandu as its area of activity.

The objective of the art gallery is to provide platform to artistswhere they can notonly demonstrate their art but can get a fair worth also.

Architectural PilgrimageArt Gallery

. NFaims to arrange seminars, talk shows, presentations involving leading architects.