As an artist inspiration comes to me in many forms. I Derive ideas and motivation from a flower in a pot to the ever–‐changing shapes of clouds in the sky. I like to observe their shades, layers and energy. I Love the excitement of sweeping back freshly layered paint and cutting into previous layers to reveal an extraordinary medley of fleeting colors. The Transformation of a plain white canvas to the multitude layers of colors and forms inspires me to search meaning during the creation of each work –‐ As though looking into the secret soul of the painting. I Begin my work without any preconceived ideas. I simply allow my instincts to guide me into the creative process. I enjoy the experience of bringing out the interplay between Colors, forms and textures along with emotions. I look at this process of creating something unique as a soul–‐elevating journey to a beautiful destination. I have a desire to create, capture and preserve true beauty in each painting and hope others will enjoy them. One of the compliments I Received from an art lover was “I Am buying this painting because I Would loves to keep it in my bedroom and wake up looking at it every morning”. This inspires me to create a vibrant yet intense artwork for the people who love my art. I Believe that great art can induce energy into the viewer. This Collection of paintings is a way for me to express my emotions and allow the viewer to stroke his inner self.