PaperCLIP by Samir Dubey.

As a artist I believe in the freedom of expressing my thoughts via Art.
I am 23 year old artist from Indore and works in the Custom arts, assemblage Art, Murals & Paintings segment. As a self taught artist, My specialty is in Leather, Metal & Wood. I worked for 48 Indian and 13 foreign projects and counting..

– Achievements –
● World Record Holder, (making a horse mural with 2069 paperclips)
● Youngest Exhibitor in global art fair, Spain.
● Artist of the month (Sept. 2014). The art bar, Spain.
● First Indian in the history. In the Viewpoints art fest, New Jersey.
● Founder of .paperclip & .PaperCLIP Foundation.
● Youngest Indian member in ‘American art association’

This is what I earned in past 3 years. I believe, the best is yet to come.