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 The Power of Oblivion

Let me start my words taking the support of the following comment.

Abstract art ,as  is apparent ,is the expression of emotional stage of the artist .I work as an artist of abstract art  . Solid figures do not attract me . On the contrary ,I feel mesmerized at and engrossed in the inner colours and the language inherent in objects  . This is the very basis of my work . Every artist gets brainwave from nature in one way or the other . Nature is shifting with all its colours and aspects . The change in nature is manifested in my work. My work is the representation of changing nature and at the same time it isn’t. Every artist defines nature and is influenced by these changes in his or her own way. Through my work, I try to define the ‘is’ of nature with it’s seemingly ‘isn’t form.


Whenever I sit down to work, I try to incorporate that seemingly isn’t in to my work. Every object like sky, water, fire, air and soil leave a deep uncovered parspective that fades away layer by layer and pattern by pattern through my work. I reveal  the beauty of that unseen and try to make it enjoyable through my work. My work expresses the hollowness of nature and at the same time the completeness of her.

I keep the common man in my mind while working. In my belief, art is the means of awakening and bringing newness in society. It does not define the individual’s sense of beauty .I am also an experimental artist who tries to bring out the hidden aspect of nature in the simple form.

I am sorry to say that in this world of materialism, the inert form of things has remained avoided and it needs to be uncovered. My work is a small effort to do unveil that hidden aspect.

Thank You.