Swati Dravid



The subject of my painting is “parenting” based on the relationship of  parents with their kids. In my view proper parenting will build a golden future of a child. It is process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of a child.

In my painting, I have shown a tribal parents with their child. They play their tribal musical instruments  and desire that their child shall inherit their culture and achieve the highest success in his life with abundance of wealth and prosperity.

Previously, People had a mindset whatever their situation is because of their destiny, Like tribal’s thought living in forest and doing hard laborious work for their livelihood limited to their basic necessities. Their livelihood was earned with tremendous hassles.  Thus, their mind was limited up to  basic amenities.

Currently, due to socio-economic reform, there is an awareness of importance of education with the financial aid from the government and non government  schemes. Since they are aware, they are also focusing on the furtherance of their children by doing better parenting. By means of flying kite, I have shown their willingness to achieve higher goals in life.

Artist:- Swati Dravid

Title:-  Parenting(musicians)

Medium:-Acrylic on canvas


Cost:-Rs.30,000 negotiable