Suchita Rai

suchita rai


My ceramic work is defined directly by my love with nature and have a essence of creativity in my self inherent clay is the medium which we can feel with its touch and can mould it in any shape and form , that’s why I love to work in this medium I got inspired with the bees, the way they make honey & helps in blooming the flowers the tenderest flowers know only a few hours of glory before they will and pass away. And what about the love’s labour that a honey –bee is subjected to  the magical geometry it produces for keeping its honey and the innumerable stings that the blossom has to endure tobe turned into the sweetness of honey. but it’s this very ain that ensures the progeny-the continuous life of the flower itself.

That’s why I have created my work in keeping in mind the importance of honey bees in our nature and in our life